Every time you fill your glass with American Barrels, please remember to salute the bravest of us all. We are the lucky ones, and sometimes we need reminding of that. Since our inception, each bottle of American Barrels has been draped with that reminder, a keepsake in the form of a military styled dog-tag.

A major part of our modus operandi is to recognize the commitment and sacrifice of the men and women of our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement who so often get taken for granted. We may never be able to properly repay them, but we can never forget the debt we owe them or say thank you enough.

Operation Open Arms (OOA), founded by Captain John “Giddy Up” Bunch, works hand in hand with a number of local businesses, associations and individuals dedicated to paying gratitude and providing support to the active duty and veteran communities.

Operation Open Arms, a proud partner of American Barrels, crafted small batch bourbon whiskey

“I was first introduced to Giddy Up by my good friend and current Naval officer, Sean Alexander, and I am grateful for Sean arranging that introduction. The sincerity of Capt. John’s motivation and the far reaching spectrum of the outreach services he provides through OOA pails only in comparison to the long list of medals and honors he has received from every branch of the military and by several Presidents of the United States. He may be humble about the number of success stories he can be credited as being a party to, but I couldn’t be prouder of the opportunity for American Barrels to lend a helping hand to such an authentic cause.”

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