Here’s to us cowboys who ride and never worry about the fall, but don’t flinch to hop back in the saddle if we do. We call it like it is and couldn’t give a flying one what anybody else thinks. We ain’t looking for trouble, but bless your heart if you’re trouble and find us. We don’t lay down for nobody, but we wont shy from lending a helping hand to someone in need. We believe respect is earned, and given equally. That said, we’ll have a drink with anyone righteous enough to share an honest glass. So to all the patriots who never waiver on being proud of who they are, forget where they came from, or surrender what they stand for, this ones for you.

Distilled from the seeds of revolution, crafted in the heartland of independence, and bottled for We the People, this is American Barrels ultra smooth bourbon whiskey – Be Brave, Live Free, Never bend the knee: Our duty, our right, our tradition – For life, for liberty, for the pursuit of happiness: let it pour.

In bourbon we trust.

Cheers, to family and friends.

Michael J. Reed
Founder | Chief Whiskey Slinger

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